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1. Do not enter other rooms or channels on ventrillo, when are teams chousen.
2. Cheating will resolt in a permanent bann.
3. Fair and respectiful gaming.
4. Ringers are allowed if they are WCGN members.
5. You can not sub for a team if you were already in the tournament and lost.


1. "Double-Jumping" is allowed.
2. "Stacking"/"Boosting" is allowed.
3. Using other game bugs/glitches is not allowed.

*Room setup:

1. Room name: example: team1 vs. team2
2. Mode: Search & Destroy
3. Objective: 9 Rounds
4. # Persons: MAX 10 players
5. View: 1st person
6. Able to join.
7. Password: example: WCGN

*Team and gameplay:

1. 5v5 Teams
2. S&D Format Matches

1. Charachters/Weapons/Iteams

*1.1. Charachters:
Only GP Charachters are allowed.
*1.2. Allowed weapons:
1.2.1. Main Weapons:
M4A1; M4A1-silver; M4A1-adv;
AK-47; AK-47-silver; AK-47-camo;
AK-74; Famas; Scar Heavy;
Sg552; Steyr AUG A1; Qbz-95;
M16; M60; Winchester;
RPK; RPK-camo; Winchester Scope;
K1A; MP5; MP7;
Uzi; P90; Spas-12;
XM1014; Micro-Galil; Dual Desperado;
AWM; AWM-camo; Dragunov;
DSR-1; K2.
1.2.2. Sub Weapons:
Desert Eagle; M9: Glock-18;
Anaconda; P228; Colt1911;
1.2.3. Melee Weapons:
1.2.4. Throwning Weapons:
Flashbang; Sandart grenade; Standart smoke.
*1.3. Allowed iteams:
Bags 3-4; EXP Plus; C4 Setup/Defuse Kit;
Sprays; Expande Granate Slot.
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Sva pravila su ovdje
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